Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce residing in Clover, South Carolina.

Clover, located in rural York County, is a small town where family, friends, and the community can get together and have fun. With its many parades and activities downtown, Clover is always sparking with excitement. We welcome you to Clover, South Carolina with open arms and open hearts and hope you enjoy your experience.

If you are looking for leisure and fun, Clover is next door to the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the Carolina beaches. The town itself also has many attractions to offer, such as the Scotch-Irish Festival, or the annual Christmas parade.


About a half an hour away is Historic Brattonsville. Named after William Bratton, this 775 acre living history museum takes a look at life in South Carolina during the Revolutionary and Civil War periods.


Years ago Clover was populated by many textile mills which jump started the town's growth. The mills also gave jobs to the citizens to support their families. Today, Clover is populated by very few operating mills and many are preserved for historic purposes.


Being only 30 miles from Charlotte, Clover has now become a quickly growing community. Charlotte has become one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Many people who find jobs in Charlotte live in the surrounding areas, such as Clover. Clover is far enough so that you don't have to live in the big city atmosphere, but close enough to commute to work.

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